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Eddy Becquet

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Lille, and a former intern and head of clinic at the Lille hospitals, Dr. Becquet turned to hand and foot surgery in 1997, making it his specialty.
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His method

Who is Dr. Becquet?

For more than 15 years, Doctor Becquet has been passionate about hallux valgus surgery. Aware that the traditional techniques for operating on this pathology resulted in long and painful after-effects, he quickly became interested in mini-invasive and percutaneous techniques that allow the surgeon to work with small incisions: the traumatic impact is much less on the operated hallux valgus and thus allows for a rapid recovery, both in terms of resumption of weight-bearing, which is immediate, as well as in terms of pain, which becomes non-existent or very bearable.

Foot surgeon nice

In order to obtain an even faster recovery after hallux valgus surgery, Dr. Becquet, always in search of innovation, has become an adept of Fast-Track. This is a method of patient management that aims to take the necessary measures to control postoperative stress in order to allow for a faster recovery and significantly reduce the risk of complications. Thus, in the context of hallux valgus surgery, Dr. Becquet and his team have set up a FAST-TRACK type of management combining :

Detailed oral and written information given to the patient throughout his care, thus contributing to his safety and making him master and actor of his care

Minimally invasive and percutaneous surgery is much less traumatic on the tissues thanks to the miniaturization of the incisions

Loco-regional anesthesia, which on the one hand facilitated outpatient treatment and on the other optimized pain control by a very gradual awakening of the operated foot

Outpatient hospitalization, by reducing the patient's stay in the clinic to a few hours, significantly reduces the anxiety-inducing nature of hospitalization. Indeed, the patient prefers to return quickly to his usual environment.

The personalized follow-up at home is reassuring for the patient. It will therefore promote rapid recovery after surgery:

- by the intervention of a service provider and his team of liberal nurses who will relay between the patient and the surgeon
- Daily visits to the patient's home thanks to a Smartphone application
- provider coordinator available 24 hours a day in case of problems
- daily report to the surgeon on the postoperative evolution of his patient
- oral and written information given to the patient on his surgical follow-up; the information given by the provider and his team of nurses is strictly identical to that given by the surgeon to avoid any discrepancy in the discourse which is a source of anxiety for the patient
- installation and follow-up of an analgesic diffuser to optimize the management of postoperative pain, which is already well controlled by the combination of mini-invasive and percutaneous techniques and local-regional anesthesia

Foot surgeon nice



Former intern of the hospitals of Lille 1997


Former chief of clinic of the hospitals of Lille 2002


Appointed Specialist in Hand and Foot Surgery 2002


Inter-university diploma in surgical pathology of the hand 2002


University Diploma in Vascular and Nerve Microsurgery 2000


University Diploma in Legal Compensation for Personal Injury 2004


Inter-university diploma in arthroscopy 2002


Lecturer for the National Diploma of Orthopaedic and Traumatological Surgery 2003


Lecturer in Anatomy of the Hand and Foot 2002


Associate member of the French Society of Hand Surgery


Member of the French Association of Foot Surgery

Foot surgeon nice


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Chirurgien du pied Nice
Chirurgien du pied Nice
Chirurgien du pied Nice

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